Man Shot By Police After Breaking Into SWAT Training Session

Screenshot/YouTube/CBS Chicago

Taylor Giles Contributor
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A man was shot Monday by Chicago Police after he broke into a room where officers were conducting a SWAT training exercise.

The man allegedly climbed a five-story high fire escape, entered the room through an open door, and grabbed at least two guns in the room, according to The Associated Press. The door was reportedly open to allow for more ventilation in the room.

The firearms the man allegedly grabbed did not have live ammunition, the outlet reported.

“These were guns that were being watched,” Police Superintendent David Brown said, according to The Associated Press. “Obviously, someone coming from a stairwell outside startled everyone. Who is this person? Is this person associated with the training? We do have live actors sometimes who come in plainclothes.” (RELATED: ‘Educate Himself’: Lori Lightfoot Goes After McDonald’s CEO For Criticizing Chicago’s Crime Problem)

Police say the man previously attempted to retrieve his personal property at the facility, according to the outlet.

Brown did not release any information on the man other than that he is a 47-year-old man from Waukegan, Illinois, according to the outlet. Brown was also not sure what charges would be brought against the man.

The man’s injuries are reportedly not life-threatening, The Associated Press reported. An officer was also taken to the hospital with a sprained ankle.