Football Coach Ken Dorsey Throws Tantrum After Bills Lose Game


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator, Ken Dorsey threw a colossal fit when the Bills lost their game, Sunday.

Dorsey’s epic temper tantrum began when the outcome of the game tipped in the opposing team’s favor. Video footage captured the entire meltdown as his headset, tablet and several other items in front of him soon became victims of his rage while fans looked on. The video of his total loss of control is making its rounds online, giving the lie to a recent comment in which he described himself as not “too much of a psychopath.”

The Miami Dolphins scored a touchdown in the last seconds of the game, beating the Bills 21-19. The resulting stress proved to be too much for Dorsey to handle. Dorsey’s child-like behavior is attracting all kinds of attention on social media, with many pointing a finger at his total inability to keep his cool.

Dorsey began targeting anything and everything in his sight as he hurled various items around the coaches booth, right down to his very own hat.

Nothing was sacred as the former quarterback stood up from his chair and repeatedly slammed his notebook and papers, all without saying a single word. (RELATED: Tom Brady Loses His Cool, Smashes Tablet On Sidelines)

His silent fit seemed to end when he whacked the camera with something, causing the screen to go fuzzy, change color and eventually cut out entirely. That may be where the footage came to an end, but there are no guarantees that he stopped tossing things around at that time.

During an August interview, Dorsey was called out for his fiery temper and  was quoted as saying, “I’m not … ah … ahh … I’d like to think I’m not too much of a psychopath.”

This recent outburst suggests otherwise.