Trailer For HBO’s Apocalyptic ‘Last Of Us’ Is Utterly Bone Chilling, A Must See


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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The trailer for HBO Max’s “The Last Of Us” dropped Monday, and my goodness does this look like a terrifying post-apocalyptic story.

When the original teaser for “The Last of Us” dropped in August, I predicted that it could easily be the streaming service’s biggest show in years. Now that the full trailer has dropped on YouTube, I know for sure that this show is going to be cinematically epic and probably one of the best shows of this decade if it lives up to the hype.

In the almost 2-minute trailer, we’re introduced to the all-star cast, led by Pedro Pascal (“Narcos,” “Game of Thrones”) as Joel and Bella Ramsey as “Ellie,” as they navigate the world left behind 20-years after a massive pandemic destroys modern civilization. Pascal’s character is hired to rescue Ellie from a quarantine zone, after which the two must navigate both monsters and men as they traverse the U.S., according to the show’s IMDb page.

While a majority of the trailer is pretty chilling, the opening seconds foreshadow a world where curfew is from 6 p.m. – 6 a.m., and “anyone on the streets without Fedra approval is subject to immediate arrest,” referring to the Federal Disaster Response Agency, the show’s fictionalized version of FEMA, which seized totalitarian power in response to the pandemic.

Another sign urges survivors to “report signs of cordyceps infection: coughing, slurred speech, muscle spasms, mood changes.” In the video games on which the show is based, cordyceps brain infection (CBI) is a parasitic fungal infection that turns some of its victims into fungus-encrusted zombies who hunt using echolocation, according to the games’ wiki.

It’s almost like the world we believed we were heading into as our own pandemic started just two years ago. Dilapidated, forgotten buildings crumble into the natural world as Mother Nature reclaims what is rightfully hers. (RELATED: Listen To What Children In The 1960s Thought The Future Would Hold. Their Predictions Are Beyond Creepy)

For fans of the apocalypse genre, this looks like it’ll be a serious competitor to everything from “28 Days Later” to “I Am Legend.” You can watch the full trailer here: