NASCAR Legend Jimmie Johnson Announces Retirement From Full-Time Racing

(Photo by Logan Riely/Getty Images)

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Legendary NASCAR driver and seven-time NASCAR champion, Jimmie Johnson is retiring from full-time racing and carving out a new chapter in his life.

Johnson, who retired from NASCAR in 2020 said he plans to enjoy more time with his family and has indicated his future will embrace a lighter workload, with a more laid-back approach to his scheduling, according to The Associated Press. The 47-year-old anticipates he will have a maximum of 10 bucket-list events, but isn’t rushing to schedule anything just yet.

“I’ve got a blank sheet of paper, and we can now see what opportunities exist and start making a calendar,” Johnson told The Associated Press.

Carvana racing has agreed to back Johnson on whatever racing schedule he selects for himself in the future, according to the outlet. “It’s been an interesting process to feel so fulfilled with the experience and then also try to make a decision,” Johnson added. 

“In the big scheme of things, there is so much life-planning going on with the kids. We’ve always had an idea of trying to live abroad for a year or two,” Johnson told The Associated Press.

“We love Colorado and want to spend more time there, and there’s just so much swirling personally and professionally that I just wanted to take some time and make the decision not on the back of a positive or negative experience on the racetrack,” Johnson explained. (RELATED: ‘We Need To End This Interview’: Interviewer Dr. Paul Saladino Shocks Danica Patrick With Diet Facts)

“This isn’t a goodbye. I am going to find new projects and continue to find new ways to challenge myself,” Johnson said during Carvana’s “Reinventing the Wheel.”