Tim Ryan Brags About Voting ‘With Trump On Trade’ In Campaign Ad


Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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Democratic Ohio Senate candidate Tim Ryan released a new campaign ad Tuesday, touting his record on trade and boasting that he voted with Trump on the issue.

Ryan represent Ohio’s 17th Congressional District, a position he has held since 2013. In December 2019, Ryan voted for the United States-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement, which renegotiated NAFTA in an effort to minimize job outsourcing to other countries. The Trump White House called the bill a “historic win” after the president signed it in Jan. 2020.

“Bad trade deals have screwed Ohio. China’s winning and workers are losing, and political parties are only concerned with scoring points,” Ryan said in the ad. (RELATED: Did A Swing District Dem Candidate Just Accidentally Trash Biden’s Economy In New Ad?)

“Patriotism means supporting the American worker, which is why I voted with Trump on trade. We’ve gotta have the guts to take on China, bring back manufacturing, and cut taxes for workers. It’s time to do what’s right, so all our kids can thrive in Ohio,” he added.

Ryan is currently running neck-and-neck with Republican opponent J.D. Vance in Ohio’s Senate race. The latest FiveThirtyEight polling average shows Ryan leading Vance by about half a percentage point.