There’s A Fierce Hurricane Pummeling Florida But Some People Don’t Seem To Care


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Hurricane Ian is starting to make landfall as a near-Category 5 life-threatening storm in Florida after a week of news coverage and emergency declarations.

Despite the rampant news coverage and warnings from almost every level of government and news outlets, some people are still stupid enough to try and play storm chaser in what could be one of the most destructive weather events this decade. Footage released on social media Wednesday, before the full effects of Hurricane Ian really take hold, showed at least three verifiable clowns trying to swim in Fort Myers.

Don’t get me wrong, Florida is absolutely the best place to do something stupid, but these three individuals — all seemingly men — really hit that top tier of terrible. Not only were their actions recklessly dangerous for themselves, but could have risked the lives of countless first responders.

Do they not have families? Do they not have self-respect? Did they not graduate from like, Grade 3 of elementary school? Who knows. Sometimes I see stuff like this and wonder if we should let nature and Darwinism take its course. (RELATED: Help Kay! I Met My Boyfriend’s Parents And There Was A MAGA Hat In The Living Room)

If you’re reading this article and in the vicinity of Hurricane Ian, I beg you not to go into the water. Stay close to the people you love, keep your pets safe, and ride this thing out. We in the rest of America are praying for you.