NFL Star Says He Was Speeding Before Ohio Car Crash, Video Shows

Screenshot/YouTube/WKYC Channel 3 News

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Police released bodycam footage of the Cleveland Browns’ Myles Garrett in an ambulance after he crashed his Porsche Sep. 26. The NFL star admitted to speeding before he rolled his car.

The video shows Garrett lying on a stretcher in the back of the ambulance while a paramedic tends to his injuries. A police officer just outside of the ambulance’s open door can be heard asking Garrett a series of questions about the moments leading up to the crash. “I remember accelerating up the hill,” Garrett said. “What was your speed approximately?” the police officer asked. “I think I got up to like 65,” Garrett replied from his stretcher. The speed limit posted on the road he was driving on was 45, according to TMZ.

Garrett struggled to describe what caused his Porsche to veer off the road and roll over, and was unable to answer all of the officer’s questions. “I remember there was a car coming but we didn’t hit the car,” Garrett said in the video. “I didn’t swerve, I don’t remember swerving out the way of the car,” he said.

The NFL star said he didn’t remember hitting the brakes, and questioned whether or not something crossed his path. “I just remember going straight and then I lost control, it started going left, right, and then it just went right,” Garrett said.

The video shows Garrett asking repeatedly about the condition of his female passenger. Medics assured him she was going to be ok. (RELATED: Fiery, High-Impact Los Angeles Car Crash Kills 6 And Injures 9)

He described his injuries, which seemed to worsen as the bodycam video continued to roll. “Wrist, bicep a little bit, and uh, my shoulder. Lef,” Garrett said, as he summarized his pain to the paramedic. The attending paramedic stated that he believed Garrett had lost consciousness during the crash, and there were several moments where the athlete seemed to be disoriented.

He was asked when his birthday was two separate times, and Garrett stumbled on the answer and struggled to recall the date the second time he was asked.

The officer noted Garrett’s admission of speeding. “I’m gonna have to cite you for failure to control,”the officer said. “Probably put two points on your license but that’s the extent of it,” he said.

Garrett was transported to hospital for treatment.