Florida Man Rescues Cat Stranded In Floodwaters During Hurricane Ian

[Twitter/Public/Screenshot/Megan Cruz Scavo]

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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A Florida man braved rising floodwaters to rescue a cat that was stranded during Hurricane Ian, according to video footage circulating on Twitter.

Megan Cruz Scavo shared the video of her boyfriend, 29-year-old Mike Ross, saving a cat from floodwaters near Bonita Beach in Bonita Springs, Florida. The cat is seen perched atop what appears to be an air conditioning unit as water surges along the ground below him. Ross is seen walking through the water before picking up the seemingly frightened cat.

Twitter users praised Ross for his actions, with one user telling Scavo to “marry that man.” (RELATED: Videos Show Mass Destruction From Early Stages Of Hurricane Ian Hitting Florida)

“Absolute hero. Marry that man. Hope you all stay safe.”

Another user tweeted Ross is “everyone’s boyfriend now.”

“I don’t make the rules,” the user added.

Ross, who is from Bonita Springs, told The Washington Post he evacuated to his parents’ house amid the storm because his own house was “10 feet underwater,” he said.

Ross said he spotted the petrified-looking cat perched outside his parents’ house and acted quickly.

“The storm surge had rushed up quite a bit at that point,” Ross told the outlet.

The cat is reportedly waiting out the rest of the storm with Ross and his family. They plan to keep it if they can’t find its owners, according to The Washington Post.