REPORT: Former NHL Star Sean Avery Threatens Teen In Road Rage Incident


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Video footage shows former NHL star Sean Avery threatening a 16-year-old boy and those around him because of the way he parked his car, according to TMZ.

The dispute unfolded Thursday in Hollywood Hills when Avery confronted people near his home, shouting at them and berating them over the way they had parked on the street, according to TMZ. Avery specifically addressed a 16-year-old boy and the man who seemed to be recording the altercation. “Next time one of you guys park your cars there, I’m gonna snap your windshield wipers,” Avery says in the footage obtained by TMZ.

“Are you crazy?” the man asked. “Are you nuts bro?”

“100%, 100%, ask around,” Avery said in the video.

“You don’t talk to little kids like that,” the man said.

“Move your f*ckin’ car, what’s wrong with you,” Avery continued.

“I’ll give you the first one, you can kick me or you can punch me,” Avery then said in the footage, apparently addressing the man behind the camera.

“I just want you to use your f*cking brain cause you’re gonna have it do it in life,” Avery yelled at the teen following the physical threats, according to the footage.

“You have to yell at people in life like that for no reason, and then threaten to hit them?” the man said to the former NHL star.

“You’re too f*ckin short to actually, like, try and challenge me,” Avery said. (RELATED: Beyond Meat Executive Arrested For Allegedly Biting Man’s Nose In Road Rage Incident)

Avery’s temper then seemed to ignite. “I’m yelling at f*ckin’ lazy assholes that don’t wanna f*ckin’ do the right thing. Bro, bro. You got an open invitation. You got an open invitation ask around you little f*ckin’ ****,” Avery shouted.

“If this was my kid I’d pull his f*ckin’ hair into the house and I’d tell his dumb f*ckin’ friends to go home. That’s what I would do if this was my kid,” Avery said.

“Dude, you are never gonna get laid if you dress like that,” Avery said to the teen.

The incident wasn’t the first time Avery’s temper has reportedly flared up. He broke a man’s car mirror in 2021 after claiming the driver struck him while he was jogging on the street, according to TMZ. He had also logged over 1,533 penalty minutes for being too physical while playing hockey, TMZ noted.