REPORT: LA Restricts Water In Celebrity Homes

NICOLAS TUCAT/AFP via Getty Images

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Los Angeles authorities have implemented new measures to ensure residents, including some celebrities, adhere to water restrictions during the droughts in California, according to water district records reviewed by The Guardian.

With some celebrities in LA continuing to water their lawns and gardens despite the drought and mandatory restrictions on water usage, officials implemented a new plan, The Guardian reported Monday. Local authorities are using small metal discs called “flow restrictors” as a means of further limiting water flow, the outlet continued.

A flow restrictor is a tiny metal disc that is installed over water pipes outside a customer’s home, according to The Guardian. They work to significantly slow water flow to the home, and they take 10 minutes to install. The disc is made out of food-safe stainless steel and features a very small hole in the center. Installing the disc results in immediate water restriction that makes it difficult to shower and wash dishes at the same time, while rendering lawn-watering impossible, according to The Guardian.

Restrictors have been installed at the residences of Kevin Hart, Scott Disick, rapper The Game and many more, according to The Guardian. (RELATED: Climate Activist Celebrities Accused Of Wasting Thousands Of Gallons Of Water While State Suffers Drought)

“We have taken a very firm position on being equal. It doesn’t matter who you are, how much money you make, how well-known you are: all of you are being treated the same,” Mike McNutt, a spokesperson for the Las Virgenes water district, said to The Guardian. The Las Virgenes water district’s service areas include Calabasas and Hidden Hills, neighborhoods that are popular among celebrities.

Residents are given multiple opportunities to talk to water district officials about their water usage before any action is taken with the flow restrictors, according to The Guardian. Those interested in working to reduce their water consumption have the opportunity to sign a letter of intent to meet conservation goals in order to avoid the installation of a restrictor, according to The Guardian.

When the flow restrictor is installed, residents are warned about facing a $2,500 fine if the device is tampered with, the outlet noted.