HART: Wars Always Begin In The Same Way

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Ron Hart Contributor
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Do you remember when the media and Democrats said that Donald Trump would lead us to World War III? Kind of funny now, right?

We are closer to a nuclear war now than we ever were under Trump – or even since the 1960s. The Russians sense Obama’s weakness and Biden’s senility, so they move on Crimea and Ukraine during those administrations. 

The Dems vilify Putin, as they always do the leader of a country with which they want to go to war. It’s the same playbook. Make Saddam Hussein in Iraq (he had weapons of mass destruction, dontcha know, per the CIA and Bush), Assad in Syria, the clerics in Iran, the Taliban in Afghanistan, and even Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam look evil enough for long enough, and you can goad America into war. The military industrial complex wins again.

Without fail, shortly after we engage militarily and an embarrassing trillion dollars later, Americans will view the war as a mistake. America gains nothing and we lose credibility on the world stage. Wash, rinse, repeat. 

We should know Washington is not smart. Kamala Harris just went to South Korea and lauded our long partnership with North Korea. Kamala doesn’t know whether she is in the DMZ or on TMZ. Biden recognizes dead people in the audience at his speeches and then can’t find his way offstage. Our country would be a lot healthier if we ate our vegetables rather than letting them run the country. 

We are on the brink of nuclear war with countries we have no interest in occupying, inflation is rampant, our southern border is wide open, and crime is spiking. Watching Biden and Harris run the country is like watching a four-year-old play with a hand grenade. Biden is so confused he might take to the podium and vow to defeat whoever we are at war with. 

They only care about woke virtue signaling rather than action on matters of importance. If we must nuke a country, they will spend most of their time saying not to send the Enola Gay. “Gay is so 1990s.” They would spend their time making sure the bomber is named the Enola Transgendered and it is flown by a strong woman of color.  

The Army’s much ballyhooed “historic first transgendered officer,” Jamie Henry, was arrested last week for giving secrets to Russia. Maybe the “secret” she passed along to Russia, how to wear a turtleneck to camouflage your Adam’s apple (another virtue-signaling, woke, empty gesture by Dems), will bite us in the ass. Maybe she can share a cell with another sexually confused Benedict (but no longer has one) Arnold, Chelsea Manning. 

Where are the Ronald Reagans and Mikhail Gorbachevs who worked things out? Gorbachev died recently at age 92. He survived Stalin, World War II, and the Cold War by knocking down the Berlin wall; Putin sends one drink over to him at the bar and he’s gone.

Go to war with Russia? Over what? Worse case here is that the Donbas region on the Ukraine/Russia border, which identifies as ethnically Russian anyway, goes to Putin? It goes from being ruled by a corrupt Ukraine to being run by a slightly more corrupt Russia. And don’t confuse the Donbas region with the Dumbass region. That is Washington, D.C. 

Putin will get his. There are massive protests in Russia over his aggression, leading to internal assassination attempts. He’s been embarrassed and is about out of munitions in Ukraine. To save money domestically, Putin has ordered all “suicides” of his opponents to use only 6 bullets to the head. Russian news reports that Putin’s soldiers in Ukraine are quickly “advancing” home to Russia with “defeated” Ukrainian troops following them. 

We now live in a country where the Pentagon was unable to deploy Marines to help Governor DeSantis load and deliver Hurricane Ian relief supplies to Florida. And the administration wants to play chicken with nuclear Russia? I guess our machine gun-toting authorities are too busy sending 40 guys to rifle through Melania Trump’s closet at Mar-a-Lago or to arrest all the 80-year-old men associated with Trump. 

Biden cannot even settle the war between the PGA and the LIV Tour. Let’s make this agreement, President Biden: Try to get control of Chicago and Atlanta before you rattle your sabers for wars overseas. There is nothing less heroic than an 80-year-old president who is suddenly willing to die for his country.  

A libertarian op-ed humorist and award-winning author, Ron does commentary on radio and TV. He can be contacted at Ron@RonaldHart.com or @RonaldHart on Twitter.

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