Herschel Walker Responds To Son’s Allegations Against Him Following Abortion Report

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Republican Georgia Senate nominee Herschel Walker responded on Wednesday’s “Fox & Friends” to allegations by his son, Christian that he was an absentee father and husband.

Christian accused his father in a series of tweets Monday of disguising himself as a family man while allegedly threatening to kill him and his mother and forcing them to move several times. Walker gave a simple answer to his son’s allegations.

“I love my son unconditionally and that’s what I’ve always been. I always love him unconditionally, you know he graduated college a couple of months ago and he’s now a young man doing his own thing but his father is always there for him, always will be for any of my kids. I love them, I always support them and I always have supported them and I always will and I love them unconditionally.”

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade then asked about the reason Christian is making these statements. Walker dodged his son’s remarks, answering that the political left is attacking him to prevent him from winning the election. He then said his Democratic opponent, Senate incumbent Raphael Warnock, will not have a chance to beat him as he are allegedly “trying to destroy Georgia.” (RELATED: Herschel Walker Says He’s Suing The Daily Beast Over Story About Him Allegedly Paying For Girlfriend’s Abortion) 

Kilmeade continued reading a tweet from Christian that accused his father of having several children out of wedlock, whom he did not raise, and asked for his response.

“What I say to that is just what I said, I love him unconditionally,” Walker said. “I own up to everything in my book. People can read a book. I wrote about it. I beared my whole soul out in the book, I was forgiven, the Lord has forgiven me. Like I said, I’m a Christian, I will always be a Christian and that’s the reason I got into this race because I see things that are going wrong and are going right in this country. They’re trying to separate us, they’re trying to divide us, but I want to bring people together.”

He concluded that he is a sinner, but God has forgiven him. Furthermore, he entered the race to fix the crime rate and economy.

The candidate also addressed the the Daily Beast report alleging that he paid $575 for a woman to undergo an abortion in 2009, which he also denies. He said Democrats view him as a “threat” and are attempting to prevent him from taking Warnock’s seat. The segment showed a “get well” allegedly signed by Walker, in which he said he was stunned to see that the signature resembled his.