Hispanic Moderator Stumps Arizona Dem Gov Candidate Katie Hobbs On One ‘Specific’ Lesson Learned From Hispanic Community

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Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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Democratic Arizona gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs was stumped during a Monday forum after a Hispanic moderator asked her to name one specific lesson she has learned from Latinos, a video first obtained by the Daily Caller shows.

During the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Forum in Phoenix, Arizona, each candidate received questions without their opponent on stage with them. Mexican journalist León Krauze, who works as an anchor for the Spanish-language news outlet Univision, asked Hobbs about what she has specifically learned from the Latino community.

Hobbs was stumped by the question and struggled to name anything specific she has learned from the Latino community, but mentioned she has a sister-in-law who is Latina, and also tried to say a few words in Spanish.

“Today, today you said that growing up in Arizona, you have seen and heard how impactful the migrant community, talking about the Hispanic community, has been. Let me ask you, how has it impacted you personally? What have you learned — specifically learned — from the Latino community?,” Krauze asked Hobbs. (RELATED: Arizona’s Democratic Secretary Of State Running For Governor)


“Oh, that’s a great question. Um, I don’t necessarily think about it that way, in those terms. I think I really value my relationships across the board with different folks, and I learn all the time from people in my life. My sister-in-law, she is Latino and her family… I love hanging out with them and practicing my español – un piquito. So, but yeah, I mean, I just, it’s… I’ve learned so much from her family, but I think it’s really hard to separate out Arizona and subtract Latino culture because it’s so much a part of who we are as a state, and I — Arizona wouldn’t be Arizona without the… what the Latino community brings,” Hobbs responded.

“So there is not one specific lesson you can share… other than the español… it’s one-third of the state,” Krauze followed up. (RELATED: Arizona Dem Gubernatorial Candidate Pushes Anti-School Choice Agenda. She Went To Private School)

“Uh, yes absolutely. I mean I think there’s, there’s many lessons: the, the emphasis on, uh, family values, uh, hard work, uh. Those are something that I value in my own life and you know, uh, it’s something that I… that I respect,” Hobbs said.

The Daily Caller contacted Hobbs about her remarks and why she struggled to list specifics about what she has learned from the Latino community, to which she did not immediately respond.