Woman Allegedly Stabs Sister To Death For Flirting With Boyfriend


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A Florida woman was arrested in late September after admitting to Orange County Sheriff’s detectives that she stabbed her sister to death after plotting to do so.

Fatiha Marzan, 21, admitted to the sheriff’s office that she had plotted to murder her younger sister, Sayma, 20, for flirting with her boyfriend via a video game chat feature, according to the Orlando Sentinel. Marzan reportedly stabbed her sister repeatedly through the heart in the early hours of September 26 with a dagger she had bought on Amazon weeks prior.

Several hours after the stabbing, Marzan called emergency services to report the attack, the outlet noted. During that call, Marzan allegedly told dispatchers that her sister was believed to be dead after having stabbed her with the weapon. Emergency responders arrived and pronounced Sayma dead 20 minutes after the call was made, the Sentinel continued.

The alleged murder took place as a result of a relationship forge between Marzan’s sister and long-distance boyfriend of five years. Sayma played the video game Valorant with the boyfriend, with the two often exchanging messages on the game’s chat feature, investigators said, according to the Sentinel. (RELATED: Four Relatives Killed In Suspected Murder-Suicide)

The boyfriend reportedly told Marzan’s sister that he loved her in those chats. “Fatiha knew she had to wait until her family was asleep to stab Sayma because she did not want anyone to hear the incident,” the affidavit reads, shared by Law & Crime. “Fatiha consciously decided to kill her sister, Sayma, and the decision was present in her mind at the time of the killing.”

She is being held without bond, according to the outlet.