Draymond Green Hits Teammate During Warriors Practice


Seth Roy Contributor
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Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors allegedly struck his teammate, Jordan Poole, during a practice on Wednesday.

The two were sparring prior to Green reportedly swinging and hitting Poole with a punch, according to ESPN. Green may face disciplinary measures for his actions.

Shortly after the altercation, a video shared to Twitter showed Poole completing his workout on the Warriors’ practice court, seemingly unfazed by the incident. (RELATED: ‘Blessing To Be An American’: 76ers’ Joel Embiid Praises US In Announcement He’s Officially A Citizen)

If you follow the Warriors at all, you know this stuff happens all the time with Green as the all star is known for ruffling feathers. During one incident in last years’ playoffs, Green was fined $25,000 for giving the fans double middle fingers during a game with the Memphis Grizzlies,’ according to Senior lead NBA Insider for The Athletic Shams Charania. After the crude gesture Green said, “it felt really good to flip ’em off.”

His most infamous squabble occurred in 2017, where Green and Bradley Beal of the Washington Wizards began fighting during a game, which ultimately poured into the crowd.

Green is notorious for being at the forefront of such incidents. He is a poor offensive player compared to other NBA stars and resorts to causing mayhem on the court to make up for it. The four-time NBA champion is a thorn in the side of every single team the Warriors play against.

Due to his track record, it’s not at all surprising to hear about Green throwing punches at someone, even if it’s towards his own teammate.