Pride Group Promotes Genital ‘Tucking’ To Male Adolescents At All-Ages Drag Show Sponsored By YMCA, Nickelodeon

Chrissy Clark Education Reporter
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A Burbank-area LGBT organization that hosted a pride event Sept. 30 featured young children handing cash to scantily dressed drag queens and provided resources on how to “tuck” male genitals on gender-confused minors, according to videos and photos obtained by the Daily Caller.

The Burbank Pride organization billed the event as family friendly, featuring food trucks, dancing, and a “kid zone,” according to the official flier. Nickelodeon as well as Macy’s, the YMCA, and LGBT-aligned organizations and nonprofits sponsored the event.

“There is no such thing as ‘family friendly drag shows’ — are there ‘family friendly’ strip clubs?” Jill Simonian, the Director of Outreach for PragerU Kids, told the Daily Caller. “Exposing children to age-inappropriate situations rooted in sexual behavior — adult entertainment presented to kids under a false veil of ‘inclusion’ — creates confusion, self-doubt and will sadly raise a generation of developmentally-damaged young adults.”


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Photos and videos obtained by the Daily Caller show drag queens teaching young children about the “pansexual flag” and the “progressive pride flag.” Video and photos showed one drag queen paraded flags around for kids in a leotard and high heels.

Another video shows a drag queen in lingerie and matching boots accepting cash from a small child.

The resources on “safe tucking” practices originates from the Oregon-based Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. The graphic resource guide teaches male children how to “tuck” their genitals to appear more feminine. (RELATED: Philadelphia Gender Clinic Hosts Trainings In Pennsylvania Schools)

“Tucking is moving the penis, testicles, or both out of the way. This makes the genital area look smoother and flatter,” the guide reads. “Tucking can reduce any concerns you have about your body, how your clothes fit and how safe you feel in public. People of all genders can tuck.” 

The guidance discusses some of the risks of tucking including “urinary tract infections, problems with urine flow, and twisting or inflammation in the testicles.”

Burbank Pride, Nickelodeon, Macy’s, and the YMCA did not respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment.

“Drag shows are unquestionably adult events — with sexual themes, outfits and behavior,” Simonian said. “Children, who haven’t matured mentally, physically and emotionally, should not be exposed to adult situations that they aren’t yet equipped to understand and reconcile.”