Make ‘The Daily Show’ Great Again: Our Top Picks To Replace Trevor Noah

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With a new seat available at the helm of “The Daily Show,” the media team at the Daily Caller decided to come up with our top choices to replace Trevor Noah.

Trevor Noah recently lost his show after seven years of disrespecting America, not being very funny and generally never having a beat to set him apart from other late night hosts. Sources suggest that Roy Wood Jr. is a shoo-in to replace Noah, but we have some other suggestions for the producers at “The Daily Show” to consider.

Adam Carolla: Time to give America a good spanking. What America needs more than anything right now is a grumpy old almost-Boomer male to yell at us and whip us into shape. No one else spouts misery-truths and sarcastic bitterness better than Carolla. What’s more, he could bring Dr. Drew onto the show to actually help us navigate the next pandemic.

Tim Dillon: The diversity hire. Dillon would bring an excellent understanding of both the working class, blue collar grit that defines real America and the frilly, rich Hamptons gay vibe that appeals to the coastal elites.

Tone Bell: Underrated brutality. Having sat in a silent comedy club in Santa Monica, California, and watched Bell absolutely destroy a miserable audience, having him do the same to America could be pretty damn fun to watch. Unfortunately, he’s probably got a pretty big film career ahead of him, so “The Daily Show” might be a bit small.

Brad Williams: Deserves the job. Both as a comedian and human being, Brad Williams is already one of the greats. Not to be confused with Wee Man, Williams’ in-your-face aggressive comedy is second only to how profound he can be when honing in on the issues facing our nation. He also hosts amazing backyard house parties, which automatically makes him our top pick to replace Noah. (RELATED: The Daily Show Perfectly Predicted Modern Fat Pride 12 Years Ago)

Whitney Cummings: Brings the crazy. Cummings is ready to tackle anything and is crass enough to do so with just the right amount of entertainment value. She could bring the show to life with her “try anything once” attitude and her willingness to boldly go wherever the conversation takes her. She’ll undoubtedly do something ridiculous enough to be worth watching.

Andrew Shulz: He’d kill it. He’s witty as hell, and he’ll make the audience feel so comfortable with him that they won’t even know he’s insulting them. That’s the kind of free-spirited light-heartedness the show could benefit from. It would certainly be refreshing after suffering through seven years of Noah’s dry humor.

Pete Davidson: Effortless comedy. Davidson doesn’t give a shit about anything and his ability to make light of any situation, no matter how serious, is enough to make us want to tune in. Let’s face it, after all the Kardashian dating drama, and bearing the brunt of all the Kanye hate, Davidson is intriguing as hell right now, and we’re ready to see how far he can take each topic.

Shane Gillis: Will push the limits. His no-nonsense slamming always stretches the limit, and that’s exactly what this show needs right now. Gillis will say what everyone’s thinking and isn’t afraid of a little bit of backlash. He’ll boldly go to extreme lengths with his jokes and is sure to stir up enough attention with his content to send ratings through the roof.