EXCLUSIVE: Virginia Republicans Call For Oversight Of UVA Youth Gender Clinic Exposed By Daily Caller Report

Photographer: Al Drago/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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Every Republican member of Congress from Virginia, Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin and the state GOP are expressing outrage after a report from the Daily Caller exposed that the University of Virginia (UVA) Children’s Hospital offers an adolescent sex change track featuring puberty blockers as early as age 11 and double mastectomies for 16-year-olds.

One of the clinic’s leading physicians, Dr. Christine Burt Solorzano, stated in 2014 that surgeries removing the healthy breasts of women were available to patients as young as 16 with a referral, the Caller reported Monday.

UVA’s “youth” gender center services both adults and minors. In at least one case, a 9-year-old was apparently moved to cross-sex hormones— which effectively sterilize a patient — according to the video lectures from Solorzano.

The report sparked outrage from every Virginia Republican in Congress and from Gov. Youngkin, who recently issued guidelines enforcing sex-segregated bathrooms at Virginia public schools and barring teachers from socially transitioning students without parental consent.

“The governor is disappointed in the services being provided to children by the UVA Health System and the egregious marketing of those,” Youngkin spokesperson Macaulay Porter told the Caller after reading the Caller’s report.

“The science confirms that God created only two sexes, and He does not make any mistakes,” Rep. Bob Good told the Caller. “When children express confusion about their sex or gender, they need adults to speak truth and help them realize that they were perfectly created. Studies demonstrate that with the proper support, nearly all children will return to an appropriate appreciation and satisfaction with how they were created.”

In her 2014 lecture, Solorzano stated that puberty blockers are “completely reversible,” though she conceded later in the video that puberty blockers can impact fertility in patients.

“Puberty blocking medicine stops puberty, right? So, your sperm or your eggs in the ovaries can’t mature like they would have typically in puberty,” Solorzano said in the video. “So, that’s where it can affect your fertility long term.”

“The Virginia General Assembly should pass a law making it illegal to medically harm a child thru harmful and irreparable body-altering treatment, with criminal consequence for so-called medical professionals operating under the false name of ‘gender-affirming care,'” Good added. (RELATED: University Of Virginia Youth Gender Clinic Offers Puberty Blockers, Chemical Castration, And Referrals For Minors To Undergo Breast Removal)

“These reports are deeply troubling. I believe performing irreversible procedures of this sort on minors crosses the line. As an institution associated with the Commonwealth of Virginia, the Commonwealth ought to investigate these practices,” Rep. Morgan Griffith told the Caller.

“Encouraging and providing irreversible medical procedures for minors raises serious concerns that demand immediate action to protect children across the Commonwealth,”  Rep. Ben Cline told the Caller after reading the report. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Wisconsin Republicans Sound Off About Raunchy Sex Ed Curriculum Exposed By Daily Caller)

Cline’s concerns were echoed by Solorzano in her 2014 video lecture. She stated that it was difficult to obtain “full consent” from a 9-year-old patient wishing to begin on cross-sex hormones.

“I have serious and grave concerns about reports of these procedures being performed on children as young 11 years old; which would call for immediate oversight to protect young people and families across Virginia,” Rep. Rob Wittman also told the Caller.

“The fact that a taxpayer-funded institution in Virginia is prescribing experimental and unproven puberty blocker treatments to minors, as young as 11 years old – as well as irreversible surgical procedures – is abhorrent and disgusting. Removing healthy breast tissue from young girls and chemically castrating young boys is the opposite of compassionate or caring,” the Republican Party of Virginia said to the Caller.

“Not only are puberty blockers experimental and unproven, they often do irreversible harm to children’s physical and emotional development. For too long the critics of this vile practice – including many doctors and psychologists – have been cowed into silence by the left-wing mob. This should not be a Republican vs. Democrat issue. All Americans have a responsibility to step up and protect our children from this brutality,” the VA GOP added.

UVA and Dr. Solorzano did not respond to the Daily Caller’s multiple requests for comment.