Megyn Kelly Goes Nuclear On ‘Petty’ Meghan Markle, ‘Vain’ Kim Kardashian

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Megyn Kelly tore into “petty” Meghan Markle and “vain” Kim Kardashian in a new episode of the Megyn Kelly Show.

Markle claimed that Vanity Fair wrote a “racially motivated” headline when she graced the cover of the magazine in 2017, author Valentine Low claims in a new book, according to Insider. The headline was “Wild About Harry,” in reference to her now-husband Prince Harry. Markle and her husband were allegedly unhappy with the similarity between the headline and the song “I’m Just Wild About Harry,” which Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney performed in blackface in 1939.

Kelly slammed Markle for her allegations of racism, calling her “petty” and “shallow.”

“Everything is either racist, sexist or wrong when it comes to Meghan Markle, despite all of the enormous gifts that have been given to her and adulation that’s been given to her,” Kelly said. “I am cheering the downfall of this woman’s approval rating and cheering the authors who are bringing these stories out so that people can see how petty, and shallow and small these people are.” (RELATED: REPORT: Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Aren’t Receiving A Warm Welcome In Potential New Neighborhood)

Kelly also took aim at Kim Kardashian, who was booed Sunday at a Los Angeles Rams game when showed up on the big screen.

“So I believe the reason they booed Kim Kardashian is because the country’s getting sick of narcissistic, vain, self promotional, rules-do-not-apply-to-me type people! Like her, like Meghan Markle,” Kelly said. The host then tore into “selfie culture” and “extreme plastic surgery,” comparing Markle and Kardashian unfavorably to the late Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.