Paris Hilton Reacts To TikToker Who Robbed Her


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Influencer Greg Brown took to TikTok to explain how he robbed Paris Hilton in 2007. Her reaction was priceless.

The two gave fans a duet on a “One Thing About Me” challenge video and fans are loving the way Hilton dealt with the situation. “One thing about me is that I once robbed Paris Hilton,” Brown said in his TikTok video. “And I hope she never sees this cause I could go to jail,” He continued, as he looked right into the camera. He then went on to explain exactly how he managed to get his hands on Hilton’s belongings, namely her sunglasses, while the socialite looked on and smiled at the camera. “Paris, me so sorry!” Brown said.

@parishilton #duet with @asapscience #Stitch Omg, I remember these sunglasses 🕶🤣🤣🤣 They look hot on you so you can keep them!🥰 PS: They NEVER went out of style 💅🏼✨ #Sliving ♬ original sound – AsapSCIENCE

“It was 2007. I was at an MIA concert, the musician. It was great I was drinking and I left the concert and then a big, black car pulled up and all these people screamed and Paris Hilton got out,” Brown said.

Hilton immediately engaged with him and reposted the story alongside the caption, ““LOL! 😹 Can you please do a reveal of the sisterhood of the traveling Paris Hilton sunglasses? 🤣💀🕶 #ThatsNotHot #ButThatsHilarious #ButAlsoPlsDontRobMe ☺️.”

Brown added that Hilton pulled up to a Toronto club and left her car unlocked and unattended. He took a peek inside and grabbed her Christian Dior sunglasses.

“There was no one in the car, so we just got in the car,” Brown said. He kept dishing out the details by revealing he also “pulled a script out, it was for ‘House of Wax’” Brown said, referencing the script to the film she was filming in Toronto at that time.

“We were laughing, we were screaming, we were in Paris Hilton’s car!” Brown said, and then he described someone shouting for him to “run,” so he did. (RELATED: Paris Hilton’s Chihuahua Was Possibly Killed By A Hungry Coyote)

Brown said he and his friend have kept the heiress’ sunglasses for 15 years and have traded them off  “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”-style.

Hilton asked for a sunglasses reveal and Brown obliged, giving Hilton a look at the sunglasses she thought were gone forever. Brown even offered to give them back — but asked if she could give them back to him afterward.

“Omg, I remember these sunglasses 🕶🤣🤣🤣,” Paris wrote to TikTok.

She then showed her playful side. “They look hot on you so you can keep them!🥰 PS: They NEVER went out of style 💅🏼✨ #Sliving ⚡️,” Hilton wrote.