Extensive Study Argues These Are The Least Safe Cities In America


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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An extensive research study released by WalletHub, Monday, ranked 182 American cities from most to least safe.

St. Louis, MO, Fort Lauderdale, FL and San Bernardino, CA, were found to be the least safe cities of the 182 ranked by WalletHub. To determine these findings, the company used 42 relevant metrics across three key dimensions to determine how safe each of the 182 cities technically were. The three overarching areas in the methodology were: (1) home and community safety, (2) natural disaster risk, and (3) financial safety.

Within each of these categories, the study included various metrics such as percentage of vaccinated residents, presence of terror attacks, a slew of violent crime statistics, and various natural disaster risks and financial variables. “Aside from the types of hazards that can cause bodily injury or other physical harm, taking out an unaffordable second mortgage, forgoing health insurance or even visiting unsecured websites are also ways people run into danger,” WalletHub noted in its research.

Source: WalletHub

In terms of overall home and community safety, Baton Rouge, LA, was found to be the least safe, while Columbia, MD, was by far the safest of all theFe cities included in the study. Juneau, AK, was ranked as the most financially safe city, with Memphis, TN, coming in last in the category. (RELATED: Bangladesh Loses 80 Percent Of Power, Likely Due To Inflation)

WalletHub also noted that the cost of inflation is the biggest worry facing many Americans right now, adding that the threat reached a four-decade high earlier this year. As well as being a significant concern, inflation is also one of the greatest threats facing the U.S.