Rep. Spanberger Surrogate Says Parents Who Don’t ‘Affirm’ Their Child’s Gender Identity Should Be ‘Looked Into’

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Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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One of Democratic Virginia Rep. Abigail Spanberger’s surrogates said authorities should “look into” taking children from parents who do not “affirm” their child’s gender identity, a video obtained by the Daily Caller shows.

During the Oct. 4 Prince William County (PWC), Virginia, school board meeting, a questioner filmed his interaction with Democrat PWC Supervisor Kenny Boddye, a surrogate for Spanberger, who is in one of the most competitive swing district races in the country.

Spanberger announced Boddye’s endorsement in July, writing, “I am thrilled to have Kenny join Team Spanberger, and I am looking forward to having his grassroots skills be a part of our campaign.”

Boddye also hosted a Spanberger campaign event at his home in July and was part of an event with Spanberger on Oct. 1.

In a video recorded on Oct. 4, Boddye says authorities should look into taking children from parents who do not affirm their child’s gender identity.

A questioner asked Boddye, “Recently announced by the group [Pride Liberation Project] was that they were establishing, forgive me for one moment, it was the, affirming households is what they were establishing. That adults could take in kids that feel like that they’re not being affirmed at home so that they can come live and reside with that adult. What are your thoughts on that policy?”

“I think that’s something that would have to be very carefully looked at. Because while it’s one thing if it’s a family friend, or you know, a family member or something like that, that knows the household knows there’s issues there, that’s known to the kids themselves and the parents, that’s one thing. But if you’re talking to someone who’s out, an outsider, someone who’s not a known entity to that, to that, that individual or that child or that family, I think you need to be careful with that. Obviously, we have other systems in place for other types of care for children, you know, foster care, you have adoption programs, you have temporary situations with kinship care, and things like that. So I would like to see if there’s going to be a policy like that a lot of the guardrails put in place with like, with those programs, so that if it is deemed like, hey, this is a safe environment for this child, that person has passed a background check and everything else to know that they’re safe and their home has been checked [unintelligible], that’s one thing, but we wouldn’t need those kind of guardrails in place, before I would support something like that,” Boddye responded.

“Okay, and one more question,” the questioner added. “If I can, do you think that a child not being affirmed and having their gender identity affirmed in the household, is it warranted to have that child removed from that household?”

“That’s a good question. And I think that there’s a gradient there. It’s obviously best when parents are affirming their kids. That’s what I believe in. I affirm my kids every single day. But there’s a big gradient between affirming your kids, not affirming your kids and being downright abusive and unwelcoming and intolerant and deadnaming your kid and what have you. I think that, like in any situation, there needs to be due diligence of what’s going on in the home. I would love it if every parent affirmed their kid, but I think there’s a difference between affirming their kid, and neglect and abuse. If neglect and abuse and you know, emotional abuse is happening as a result of that lack of affirming, then there’s a situation that I think really needs to be looked into,” Boddye responded.


In late September, Spanberger and Republican Virginia Rep. Bob Good clashed over school policy on transgender students. Spanberger reportedly cursed and screamed at Good when he noted the irreversible, harmful procedures and mutilation of children, according to Punchbowl News.

Spanberger has attacked Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s policies, saying “Governor Youngkin released a plan to target LGBTQ children in Virginia schools. His mandate will out kids, require their identities not be respected, and hurt them in the very places where they are supposed to learn and thrive.”

In 2020, Spanberger made news after the elections when she reportedly said Democrats should never say the word socialism again and that she almost lost her race because of the “Defund The Police” movement on a caucus call with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. (RELATED: ‘F*cking Torn Apart Again In 2022’ — Virginia Democrat Allegedly Lights Up Caucus Call On Election Performance)

“We lost races we shouldn’t have lost. Defund police almost cost me my race because of an attack ad. Don’t say socialism ever again,” Spanberger reportedly said adding that the party needs “to get back to basics.” Spanberger then reportedly said that “if we run this race again we will get fucking torn apart again in 2022,” according to Washington Post reporter Erica Werner. (RELATED: ‘Too Little, Too Late’ — Democratic Reps. Elissa Slotkin, Abigail Spanberger Express Concern With Biden Border Crisis)

Spanberger campaigned Tuesday at the PWC early voting site, where Boddye tweeted out a photo of her with Sen. Tim Kaine both wearing masks outside.

The Daily Caller contacted Spanberger’s office and campaign multiple times by phone and email about the video, to which they did not immediately respond. Boddye did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller’s email requests for comment.