Liberal Media Downplays That Disgraced LA City Council President Is A Democrat


Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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The liberal media downplayed former Los Angeles Council President Nury Martinez’s Democratic affiliation after she resigned Monday over her racist remarks.

Martinez, a Latina Democrat, said during an Oct. 2021 meeting that a white councilman, Mike Bonin, is treating his black son as an “accessory” and compared the child to a monkey, according to leaked audio. She then said that the child’s parents are treating him “like a little white kid” who needed a “beatdown” over his behavior at the Martin Luther King Day parade.

The corporate media covered her racist remarks, but either vaguely mentioned or ignored that Martinez and the two fellow council members caught on recording are Democrats. The Los Angeles Times, the outlet that initially broke the story Sunday, did not once report on the her political affiliation. It only mentioned her ethnicity.

A CNN article titled “Los Angeles City Council president resigns from leadership role after audio leaked of her racist remarks” omitted her party. The fifth paragraph of NBC News’ first report titled “Los Angeles City Council president steps down from leadership role after leak of racist comments,” mentioned that the audio captured a meeting full of Latino Democrats.

The Washington Post and the New York Times briefly mentioned the political affiliation of Martinez and the two council members heard in the audio, Gil Cedillo and Kevin de León, in addition to a fourth individual, Los Angeles County Federation of Labor President Ron Herrera. After mentioning their political affiliation once, the Times article went into an in-depth discussion about their Latino heritage and the group’s complaints about representation in the city. The Post article included the council members’ party affiliation next to their name.

CNN’s “Inside Politics with John King” dedicated an entire segment to criticizing Republicans for their remarks that were interpreted as racist. They immediately took a stab at Republican Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville for saying that Democrats support reparations because “the people who do crime are owed that” and one commentator went into depth of how black people do not feel represented by the Republican Party. (RELATED: FLASHBACK: Times The Media And Democrats Openly Cheered ‘Replacement Theory,’ Which They Now Call Racist)

CNN covered the Martinez news during the 4 p.m. time slot, where they did not once mention her Democratic Party affiliation. Huffington Post editor-in-chief Danielle Belton said during the segment that racism can come from both sides of the political aisle.

“The reality is there is a lot of anti-black racism that exists across all aspects of society, including on the left, including with the Hispanic community,” she said. “And so I wasn’t surprised but I was heavily disappointed and horrified by this behavior.”

The segment then jumped to Tuberville’s remark. Belton immediately criticized the Republican Party.

“No shame whatsoever and that’s a huge problem right now going on with the Republican Party,” she said.

“The View” panel covered the story Tuesday without any mention of her party despite constantly criticizing Republicans for their alleged racism. Co-host Ana Navarro and Sunny Hostin, like many outlets, brought up her Latino heritage and addressed the alleged issue of “anti-blackness” in the Latino community.

Martinez also criticized Los Angeles Attorney General George Gascon for being “with the blacks,” the audio found. She and the three other members involved in the incident apologized for the comments.