Forced To ‘Spread My Legs And Submit To Cervical Exams’: Paris Hilton Reveals She Was Sexually Abused As A Teen

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Paris Hilton revealed she was sexually abused at Provo Canyon School and described in detail the way she was violated, according to a video published Tuesday by The New York Times (NYT).

Hilton previously discussed the emotional, physical and verbal abuse she suffered when she was a teen at the school, according to a 2020 interview with the NYT. Now, during a new video for the NYT, Hilton shared the details surrounding the sexual abuse she endured at Provo Canyon School.

The 41-year old socialite claimed a male staff member from the school “performed medical exams,” on her and other students in the middle of the night. “It was with a couple different staff members, where they would have us lay on the table and put their fingers inside of us and I don’t know what they were doing, but it was definitely not a doctor, and it was really scary,” Hilton told the NYT.

“It’s something that I really had blocked out for many years, but it’s coming back all the time now,” Hilton said in the video. “And I think about it, and now looking back as an adult, that was definitely sexual abuse.”

Hilton shared many of these new details on her Twitter page, along with a series of related tweets.

“I opened up in a [New York Times] video about something I’ve never discussed before,” Hilton wrote to Twitter.

“Sleep-deprived & heavily medicated, I didn’t understand what was happening. I was forced to lie on a padded table, spread my legs & submit to cervical exams,” Hilton wrote in a separate tweet.

“I cried while they held me down & said, ‘No!’ They just said, ‘Shut up. Be quiet. Stop struggling or you’ll go to Obs,” Hilton continued in the tweet. (RELATED: Paris Hilton Reacts To TikToker Who Robbed Her)

Hilton said she wanted to share her story in an effort to help others, and to “heal & help put an end to this abuse,” according to a following tweet.

“This was a recurring experience not only for me but for other #survivors. I was violated & I am crying as I type this because no one, especially a child, should be sexually abused,” Hilton continued in the thread.

“My childhood was stolen from me & it kills me this is still happening to other innocent children,” she added.