HART: The Devil Went Down To Georgia — How Out-Of-State Liberal Elite’s Money Muddies Georgia Politics

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Ron Hart Ron Hart is a libertarian humorist and author who can be reached at Ron@RonaldHart.com.
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With control of the Senate on the line, every close race gets mean. Predictably, the devils have come to Georgia in the form of big, out-of-state, coastal elite money, hoping to slime football hero Herschel Walker. He is running against a lucky incumbent, The Most Reverend Raphael Warnock. 

I knew the Dems would drag up Herschel’s past because they cannot run on issues. They might even find out that Herschel Walker fought for the South in the Blue-Gray game in Mobile in 1982. But this time they are much meaner. 

With two black candidates running for the Georgia Senate seat, Democrats have run out of things to call racist.  So now they are running incredibly vicious ads about kids Herschel fathered out of wedlock and a dubious abortion claim. With “sources” unnamed, some woman sent in a Hallmark card and said Herschel paid for her abortion, which is something Dems want government to pay for anyway.

The good news is that Herschel is loved and adored in Georgia, where he led the UGA Bulldogs to a National Championship. He could have played for the University of Southern California, but he apparently has always had an aversion to Trojans. 

People try to say Herschel is not smart enough to be in Congress. Are you kidding me? He has proven he can be in congress with many women. And just how smart do you have to be? AOC might be the least informed narcissist ever. Her preferred pronouns are “me, me, me” and sometimes “I.”

Let’s face it, once politicians get to D.C., it’s “shirts and skins” anyway. They vote how Pelosi/Schumer and Mitch McConnell tell them to. 

Herschel understands the fundamental issues with America: that the worsening education system, crime, homelessness, medical costs, inflation, expensive wars of choice and the decline in the family unit can all be traced back to one thing: Government getting involved and thinking that it has all the answers. He understands that government is not the answer, and that fundamental tenet will make him a senator far superior to the Northeastern Democrat elites’ pawn, Warnock. 

So what if Herschel is not a Boy Scout? The Boy Scouts went down for fondling boys anyway. The Most Reverend Warnock is certainly no saint, either. There is not the constant media coverage on Warnock that there is on Herschel, but Warnock is accused of running over his wife (He allegedly did it in a manner approved by Dems, in his Tesla). No one ever asks how a humble preacher could afford a Tesla. But the media never ask the tough questions of Democrats.

Warnock, too, got arrested for interfering with law enforcement’s investigation of one of his summer camps. Shenanigans surrounded the camp, so the police investigated it. But there was no constant nightly news, SNL, or late-night talk show drum pounding negativity about Warnock and his shady past – only about Herschel. 

Herschel Walker was voted Sporting News’ top college athlete of the century. Tim Tebow was number 2 and OJ Simpson was number 36-435644.

Herschel spoke to the GOP at its convention a few years ago, to address racism in the South. It was a speech about growing up in the Deep South, and it was a relief to me. Usually when an African-American speaker goes to the podium to talk about that, I fear my great-grandparents will be identified by name. But his speech was healing, sensible and not the normal Democrat victim-pandering that we have come to expect. Herschel Walker is truly a man who can bring this country together — if he is allowed to. 

In fact, with Texas, Missouri and now Oklahoma coming to the SEC, football might be the only thing that holds the Union together going forward. 

As they said in the 80s at U. Georgia football games, “Run Herschel, run!”.


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