Jake Tapper’s Fake Russian Accent Is Proof He Should Never Go Into Acting


Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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CNN anchor Jake Tapper attempted to impersonate Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday night prior to his exclusive interview with President Joe Biden.

Tapper made the impersonation of Putin in a monologue addressing world leaders’ relationship with the Russian president. He read a quote from the Russian president from June 30 with a Russian accent.

“Unamused, Putin responded, ‘I don’t know if they wanted to strip down to the waist or below the waist, but I think it would have been a disgusting sight either way,'” Tapper read.


The anchor suggested that the West has failed to take enough precautions against Putin. He said modern U.S. presidents, ranging from former President Bill Clinton to Biden, underestimated Putin’s power and aggressions. Tapper criticized former President George W. Bush’s meeting with Putin in 2002 to address Putin’s assertion that the U.S. purposely sent “bad poultry” to Russia.

Tapper impersonated a Russian accent again, reading the quote, “‘I know you have separate plants for chickens for America and chickens for Russia.'” Bush denied the Russian president’s claims. (RELATED: White House Cleans Up After Biden’s Nuclear ‘Armageddon’ Warning)

‘”My people have told me this is true,'” Tapper read once again in an accent.

Russia halted purchases of U.S. poultry in 2002 over concerns about antibiotics used in the meat and disease-causing salmonella contamination, according to the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy. The U.S. suspected that Russia took this action to protect their own domestic production.


Tapper suggested that if the Russian people falsely told Putin that the U.S. is sending “special chicken plants” to the country, then they are telling him fabricated facts about the Ukrainian war. He added that French President Emmanuel Macron informed him recently that Putin “is not acting rationally.”

During his interview with Biden, the president said he has no intention of meeting with Putin at the upcoming G20 meeting and backtracked on his Armageddon comment in which he expressed concern about Putin’s nuclear threat.