‘White Liberals’ Aren’t ‘Real Democrats,’ CNN Contributor Paul Begala Claims


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Democratic strategist and CNN contributor Paul Begala lamented against “pain-in-the-ass white liberals” late Tuesday and claimed they are not ‘real Democrats.’

The CNN panel discussed President Joe Biden’s chances of gaining momentum among Democratic voters in 2024. Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang argued voters are concerned about the president’s age surrounding whether or not he will run for a second term.

“Bernie won nine, nine contests. Joe won 44, and I think Bernie maybe has more support than Nina [Turner], so bring it on! What the hell are you worried about? I know you’re not a Democrat anymore, but I am and as a guy who loves Joe Biden, that’s fine, he’ll steamroll any potential Democrat and beat Trump.” Begala said in response to Yang.

Yang then argued Biden performed poorly among voters in the early stages of the 2020 Democratic presidential primary races and that no voter praised Biden for his “energy” and “vigor.” Begala claimed Biden gained low momentum in the the early states because they are “full of white liberals.” (RELATED: A Slew Of Democrats Are Quietly Hoping Biden Won’t Run In 2024)

“You’re missing the most important thing, Andrew,” Begala pushed back. “The early states are full of white liberals. They don’t like Joe. Then we move to real Democrats, African Americans in the South, they loved him and he steamrolled everybody, because in my party, the heart and soul of the party are people of color. Not pain-in-the-ass white liberals on Twitter.”

A New York/Siena poll released in July found 64% of Democratic voters would prefer a different candidate to run for President in 2024. The majority of voters, 33%, cited age as the main reason and 32% said job performance is the reason they believe the president should not run for a second term.

Both Biden and White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre misrepresented the results of the survey in separate instances when they said 92% of Democrats would support Biden in 2024 if he ran against former President Donald Trump.

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