Jamaican Regulator Bans Music Glorifying Drugs, Crime And Gun Violence

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Brent Foster Contributor
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The Jamaican broadcasting regulator imposed a ban on music deemed to glorify drugs, crime, and gun violence, The Associated Press reported Wednesday.

Jamaican authorities created the ban with the intention of limiting the spread of music with the potential to “give the wrong impression that criminality is an accepted feature of Jamaican culture and society,” according to the AP.

The ban comes as Jamaica faces a massive crime wave. In 2021, Jamaica experienced one of the highest murder rates throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, the BBC reported.

The Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica also targeted words relating to financial transfers and opulent lifestyles, the AP reported. Banned words include “jungle justice,” “client” and “bank/foreign account.”

Artists in Jamaica say that the ban will shift public focus away from the realities on the ground in the country, according to the AP. (RELATED: John Rich: ‘Country Music Industry Is Out Of Touch With The Audience’ Following Latest Campaigns)

Jamaican Grammy Award-winning artist Stephen McGregor, known by the stage name “Di GENIUS,” said “the music is coming from what is happening in Jamaica for real,” the AP reported. Other Jamaican artists including Rvssian, NotNice, and Romeich also voiced criticism over the ban.

Many also say the ban, applying to music or video on public broadcasts, will do little to quell the spread of material over online streaming platforms, the AP reported.

The ban is not the first to hit the island nation. Jamaican regulators banned music relating to sexual activity and violence in 2009, according to the BBC.