Kanye West Accuses Jewish People In Hollywood Of Doing ‘Bad Business’

Brad Barket/Getty Images

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Kanye West spoke said Wednesday that Jewish people are responsible for doing “bad business” in Hollywood.

After the screening of Candace Owens’ new documentary “The Greatest Lie Ever Sold: George Floyd and the Rise of BLM,” a TMZ reporter asked West whether he had any regrets about his recent comments on Jewish people.

“Do you think that comment came just out of the blue, or do you think there is a reason why I felt that?” West asked the reporter. The reporter also asked West if he wished harm on Jewish people, to which he replied, “no.”

West had more to say, and immediately launched into his statement.

“But I do feel that in Hollywood especially with black entertainers, I’ve had a lot of bad experiences,” West said, implying the “bad experiences” were with people of the Jewish faith. “And if people use that anti-Semite idea to cover up bad business to say hey, to call somebody out on bad business that means you’re being anti Semitic.” (RELATED: ‘Raped And Stole My Designs’: Kanye West Rages Over Possibly Being Dropped By Adidas)

After implying that he was permitted to make statements without the media passing judgment on him for being a bigot, he continued to explain his stance.

“So I feel happy to have crossed the line of that idea so we can speak openly about you know, doing things like getting canceled,” West said.

He then continued to speak completely off-topic.

“We as the richest black men in American history … JP Morgan never even had a chance to even get deals,” he said, before abruptly ending the conversation and telling the reporter, “We’ll speak at a different time.”