REPORT: Kanye’s Yeezy Brand Booted From JP Morgan Chase

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Political commentator Candace Owens shared an image Wednesday of what appears to be a letter from J.P. Morgan Chase bank to Kanye West’s clothing brand, Yeezy, closing their financial relationship.

Owens shared the letter across social media, writing in the caption that she had learned earlier Wednesday that Kanye West was officially stopped from doing business with J.P. Morgan Chase bank. She went on to state that no official reason was provided by the banking giant for their decision to stop doing business with the Yeezy, LLC brand and affiliated entities owned by Kanye.

Yeezy, LLC has until Nov. 21 to find another bank to do business with, but J.P. Morgan Chase suggested that all company transactions and use of products related to the bank cease at least five days prior to that date, according to the letter.

Yeezy, LLC was told to contact the brand’s “usual banking contact” to ask any questions or make a comment about what appears to be the sudden closure of the relationship.

In a follow-up tweet, Owens said that she does “not care what you think about Ye West” but that she “very much care(s) what you think about this.”

“We have reached extremely frightening times in this country,” she later said. (RELATED: ‘A Scam’: Kanye West Rips BLM After Wearing ‘White Lives Matter’ Shirt)

Kanye hasn’t posted on social media since Oct. 9, when he was censored by Twitter for asking who his followers think created cancel culture. Earlier this month, he went viral across social media with Owens when he introduced a new product to his Yeezy, LLC featuring the phrase “White Lives Matter.”

J.P. Morgan Chase did not immediately return the Daily Caller’s request for comment.