Migrants Sent To Martha’s Vineyard Could Get Visas Due To Investigation Into DeSantis

(Photo by Jordan Vonderhaar/Getty Images)

Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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A Texas sheriff has certified 50 migrants as victims of a crime after Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis flew them to Martha’s Vineyard in September, a move that made the migrants eligible for a special visa that would allow them to stay in the country.

Democratic Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar signed the certification forms, GBH News reports. This certification makes the migrants eligible for U-visas, which are reserved for crime victims or witnesses to a crime.

“Based upon the claims of migrants being transported from Bexar County under false pretenses, we are investigating this case as possible Unlawful Restraint,” Salazar told the outlet. “We have submitted documentation through the federal system to ensure the migrants’ availability as witnesses during the investigation.” (RELATED: Pelosi: Farmers Need Illegal Immigrants ‘To Pick The Crops’)

Boston-based immigration attorney Rachel Self blasted DeSantis for flying the migrants to the Massachusetts destination. “These certifications will ensure that the migrants can continue to help our law enforcement officials, and that they will be able to process and heal from the incredibly traumatic experiences they have suffered as a result of the cruel, heartless acts committed against them,” she said.

Documents obtained exclusively by the Daily Caller confirmed that the migrants DeSantis flew to Martha’s Vineyard were informed of their destination. A source close to the ground operation said that the migrants were asked repeatedly if they wanted to go.

DeSantis’ actions echoed similar moves by Republican Govs. Greg Abbott of Texas and Doug Ducey of Arizona, who have sent busloads of migrants to self-proclaimed “sanctuary cities,” including Washington, D.C., and New York City.