Tim Ryan Told Ohio Steelworkers ‘Trump Will Gut You’ Despite Trying To Tie Himself To Trump’s Trade Agenda

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Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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Democratic Ohio Senate candidate Tim Ryan once told steelworkers in the state that former President Donald Trump will “gut” them, despite his recent efforts to tie himself to Trump’s trade agenda.

At an Ohio campaign event for Hillary Clinton’s presidential run in 2016, Ryan disparaged Trump and warned Ohio steelworkers Trump would betray them if he was elected. He went on to claim Clinton would have been tougher on China than Trump.

“He will gut you and he will walk over your cold dead body and he won’t even flinch. He’ll climb over your cold dead body and get on his helicopter. Right? I don’t mean to be dramatic, but that’s what’s at stake,” Ryan said at the campaign event.

However, Ryan has released a number of advertisements throughout his current bid for Senate, saying he voted with Trump on trade and agreed with Trump on trade, and he even mentioned his support for Trump’s trade policies during Monday’s debate against his Republican opponent JD Vance.

“I’ve agreed with Donald Trump on trade, renegotiating NAFTA, being firmer on China, defense, General Mattis being Secretary of Defense, and all the rest,” Ryan said during the Ohio Senate debate.

In one ad released in late September, Ryan said, “Patriotism means supporting the American worker, which is why I voted with Trump on trade.”

In another ad released in early June, Ryan said, “I agreed with Trump on Trade.” (RELATED: Tim Ryan Doubles Down On Biden Not Running In 2024)

Ryan said in another ad released June 15: “I voted with Trump on Trade.” (RELATED: Ohio Senate Candidate Tim Ryan Took Tens Of Thousands From Opioid Makers Blamed For Overdose Crisis)

“When Tim Ryan was campaigning for Hillary Clinton, he told Ohio steelworkers that Donald Trump would be the worst thing that ever happened to them. Now Tim expects those same Ohioans to believe that he agreed with Donald Trump’s trade agenda from the very start,” Vance told the Daily Caller.

“I’ve said it before: Tim Ryan thinks Ohioans are stupid, but he’s dead wrong. The people of Ohio can see right through his dishonest campaign,” Vance added.

The Daily Caller contacted Ryan’s campaign about his comments from 2016 and about his support for Trump’s trade policies, to which they did not immediately respond.