Liz Truss Has Been Britain’s Prime Minister For Less Than 6 Weeks. Her Party Is Already Plotting To Oust Her

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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British Prime Minister Liz Truss is reportedly getting kicked out of her leadership position after less than six weeks of leadership.

Senior members of Great Britain’s Conservative “Tory” party are allegedly holding talks about replacing Truss with a joint Rishi Sunak-Penny Mordaunt ticket, The Times claimed on Thursday. Sunak was initially passed over for the position of prime minister after former PM Boris Johnson resigned in shame in July after vying for the role since his birth.

“Rishi’s people, Penny’s people and the sensible Truss supporters who realise she’s a disaster just need to sit down together and work out who the unity candidate is. It’s either Rishi as prime minister with Penny as his deputy and foreign secretary, or Penny as prime minister with Rishi as chancellor. They would promise to lead a government of all the talents and most MPs would fall in behind that,” one anonymous Member of Parliament told The Times.

Truss became the fourth leader of the Tory party in the last six years when she was appointed in September. The general public did not vote for Truss, she was chosen by roughly 172,000 Tory party members. (RELATED: National Grid Planning Three-Hour Blackouts In United Kingdom)

Forty-three percent of party members want Truss to be replaced, according to The Times. Within Britain’s general public, 50% apparently want her gone. BAFTA-winning political satirist Jolyon Rubinstein called for a general election that would allow the people of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to choose a new PM instead of perpetuating the infighting between what appears to be a failed Tory party.

“The arrogance to think that Tories simply have another 3 month leadership contest is insane,” Rubinstein wrote on Twitter. “There must be a general election. This is beyond a joke.”