‘Get Your F**king Act Together!’: Tom Brady Rips Into His Linemen After Poor First Half — And Heres Why He’s Right


Seth Roy Contributor
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Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady ripped into his offensive linemen after being pressured by the Pittsburgh Steelers defense Sunday.

Nearing halftime in the Buccaneers’ 10-6 deficit at Pittsburgh, Brady chewed his linemen out for doing a poor job protecting him against the Steelers’ pass rush, who are without their best defensive-linemen, T.J. Watt.

In the video you can hear Brady tell his linemen, “get your f*cking act together!”

In the first half against Pittsburgh, Brady was sacked twice for -14 yards, according to ESPN. His linemen allowed the Steelers defense to plow through the line and get hits in on the 45-year-old all throughout the first half of the game. (RELATED: Ron Rivera Gets Heated With Reporters, Storms Out Of Press Conference After Win)

Brady, who is the oldest NFL player in the league, knows all too well about one play being the root cause of a ruined season. In the opening game of the 2008 season, Brady took a shot to his left knee that tore his ACL due to bad pass protection. The blow to his knee not only ended Brady’s ’08 campaign but it tarnished the Patriots season all together. New England went on to miss the postseason without Brady.

Brady is one of the most fiery and competitive athletes to ever live. He just loves to win. When his teammates play poorly and lessen his teams’ chances of winning (in this case his offensive-linemen), he’s surely going to let them hear about it.

To some, Brady yelling at his teammates is a bad look, but all he’s trying to do is get them right. (RELATED: Ron Rivera Gets Heated With Reporters, Storms Out Of Press Conference After Win)

The Buccaneers can’t have an elite offense if Brady has zero time to throw the ball.