Another Case Of The Mondays? Let This Florida Man Cheer You Up


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If you’re having another case of the Mondays, fear not. Florida Man is here to save your sadness and shine some sun on the start of your week.

A number of friends brought Alex Morrison’s utterly unique brand of comedy to me earlier this year. A handful of those friends were blue collar lads from rural North Carolina. Another was your mom’s favorite cowboy. I even had a super liberal, woke til-she-goes-broke girlfriend send me his videos to cheer up my sadness, so I’m passing this incredible content on to you today, dear readers.

Below is my personal favorite skit of Morrison’s, the one all my friends sent to me. Once you’re done watching it at least five times, carry on scrolling to learn more about this brilliant new mulletted mind in American comedy.


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“I came from a blue collar background where there are wrenches, hammers and paint brushes, drugs are never far behind! I’m not easily offended,” Morrison told me. “I grew up in a place that was nothing but assholes and elbows. I worked with two men that committed murder! One was on national news! His name was [redacted]. My comedy has always been punching up observational comedy! Like skits on my bosses or people I work with. Anytime I get in a bind or really have something terrible happen I write about it.”

Finding the light in the darkness is a skill set all Americans need to develop right now, especially with the energy crisis potentially threatening national grids, as it is in Great Britain, making it literally and metaphorically a dark time. Morrison is one of the few doing that.

“Comedy has been difficult the last two years because of our current administration,” he continued. “I’ve struggled along with everyone else, for sure, but pushed through with new characters.” Originally from Jackson, Mississippi, Morrison now lives in Florida.


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Morrison has basically created his own language within his brand of comedy, and you can hear something new every time you watch and rewatch his video. Of course you, dear reader, don’t care, because you stopped reading this article as soon as you watched Morrison’s video up there. (RELATED: Case Of The Mondays? Justin Trudeau’s New Haircut Will Cheer You Up)

Oh man, you’re on a serious deep-dive down the Morrison rabbit hole. Why am I even still writing? I guess I can stop. Cool. Have a great Monday, y’all!