Scarborough Says He’d Be ‘Very Surprised’ If Republicans Don’t Sweep The Midterms

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough said Monday that he anticipates Republicans will have a “good night in the House” on Election Night.

Scarborough was discussing the upcoming midterm elections when he said that given recent numbers on the economy, it looks like Republicans are poised to do well.

“The House, if you look at history, if you look at the latest inflation report, at this point I’d be very surprised if Republicans didn’t have a good night in the house,” Scarborough said. “It would have to be historic, historic occurrence, a lot of Democrats still hoping the overturning of Roe would cause some hidden trend lines [that] we’re not seeing in the polls.”


Inflation increased at 0.4% in September from August while “core” inflation, which measures the price of goods excluding food and energy, hit a 40-year high.

Scarborough argued the Senate still seems “up for grabs” and mentioned Nevada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona, Ohio and Georgia’s senate races.

“The House looks like Republicans ought to be doing well, the Senate? My gosh, it looks like we can go anywhere from Republicans three up, to Democrats two,” he said.

MSNBC’s Jonathan Lemire then said Republicans may pick up a few seats in the House but Democrats may still have the upper hand. Lemire said he expects Nevada’s Senate race to favor Republicans while Pennsylvania’s seat may very well go to Democratic candidate and Lt. Gov. John Fetterman. (RELATED: ABC News Correspondent Says Democrats Are Doomed For Midterms As Voters Disapprove Of Biden)

Lemire also said he’s unsure about Ohio’s Senate seat but that ultimately “this is going to come down to one state, and that state is Georgia.”

“Boy, it’s gonna be close.”

Polling indicates voters generally favor the Republican Party over the Democrats. A recent Gallup poll found while neither party was favorable by a majority of voters, 44% had positive views of the Republican Party compared to 39% for Democrats. Among those polled, 51% thought Republicans would do a better job at keeping the country prosperous compared to just 47% who thought Democrats would handle things better.

A poll conducted by WPA Intelligence on behalf of the Club for Growth found more than 40% of voters view inflation and other economic concerns as their top issues and 42% of voters trust Republicans the most to handle those issues while just 34% trust Democrats.