Darrell Brooks Immediately Starts Mouthing Off To Judge After Being Allowed Back In Courtroom

YouTube/Screenshot/public user: Court TV

Devan Bugbee Contributor
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Darrell Brooks, who allegedly plowed through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, argued with a judge Tuesday after he was allowed back into the courtroom following his exile for being too “disruptive.”

Brooks, who is representing himself, faces 76 charges in an alleged rampage that killed 7 people during a November 2021 Christmas parade, according to The Washington Post. He began his entrance Tuesday by questioning Judge Jennifer Dorow’s statement that she was happy to see him back in the courtroom.

“I’m not too sure [you are], especially when I bring up subject matter jurisdiction,” he seemingly said. After Dorow affirmed that she had already ruled on the subject, Brooks began to debate that it “hasn’t been proven for the record.” Dorow told Brooks that he could file an appeal if he has an issue with the ruling, to which he parroted, “It has to be proven on the record. Has yet to be proven on the record.”


Brooks had previously been removed from the courtroom after making disruptive comments while witnesses were trying to speak, and calling objections to seemingly every question by the prosecution. He was apparently sent to a distant room with a computer monitor where he could continue his defense virtually.

“During the cross-examination of this last witness, Mr. Brooks objected almost without fail, if not without fail, to every single question asked by the state on grounds of either leading or relevance,” Dorow said. “As time went on, it seemed to me that his commentary became much more audible.”

Brooks continued to object to nearly every question the state asked the next witness after reentering the courtroom, according to the stream.

Brooks had previously made other seemingly bizarre arguments during the trial, such as telling a witness Oct. 14, “I do not identify by [Darrell Brooks], nor do I know anybody by that name.” He seemingly used that argument to distance himself from the accusations, harping on a different witness for referring to Brooks in the second-person in his testimony. “Here’s the ‘you’ again,” Brooks stated in another clip. (RELATED: ADL Cooks Books To Conceal Black Nationalist Violence)

Brooks has also argued that his case should be dismissed on account that none of the victims were present in the courtroom.

“Where’s the injured party? Is the injured party present in court right now? Can anyone make a claim against me?” he asserted.