Ex-Military Dad Saves Daughter’s Life After She Gets Struck By Lightning In Arizona

(Getty Images/GUILLAUME SOUVANT/Contributor)

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The father of a 12-year-old girl sprung into action after his daughter was struck by lightning Saturday in Sun City West, Arizona.

The young girl, Ella, was playing in the rain with a friend in her grandparent’s backyard when the lightning struck her, according to AZ Central. Steven Jorgensen, the victim’s father, ran over and began performing CPR after seeing the bolt of lightning hit his daughter, the outlet reported.

“I was sitting in the backyard, and I was watching them,” Jorgensen said in an interview with 12News. “As soon as they started running out[side], her and her friend were towards the back end of the yard, and the lightning struck. I watched it hit my daughter.” (RELATED: Authorities Search For Missing Middle School Student After Lightning Strike Capsizes Board In Florida)

Jorgensen shared with the press that his training in the infantry helped him evaluate and handle the situation appropriately. Although he was in a panic, he did what he needed to do to save his daughter’s life, Jorgensen said.

Jorgensen had to resuscitate his daughter three times, and in an attempt to stay calm he said he thought of the scene from “The Office” where the staff is learning how to perform CPR.

“You could hear me singing the Bee Gee’s ‘Stayin’ Alive,'” Jorgensen told the outlet. (RELATED: 19-Year-Old Wawa Employee Saves Woman’s Life With CPR, Says He’s Thinking Of Becoming Police Officer)

EMTs transported Ella to Banner Thunderbird Medical Center in relatively stable condition, where she was then flown to Valleywise Health Medical Center, according to AZ Central. The young girl is recovering well and has a small, superficial burn that doesn’t require specific treatment, the outlet continued, citing Dr. Kevin Foster, Director of the Arizona Burn Center at Valleywise Health.

“[Jorgensen] definitely recognized what needed to be done and he did the right thing. His daughter is going home today because of his efforts,” Dr. Foster said, according to AZ Central. “She really owes her life to her father.”