Freeze Alerts Issued Across Several States


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Millions of Americans are under a frost and freeze alert Tuesday through the end of the week as a strong low-pressure system moves down the length of the eastern U.S.

Sub-freezing temperature warnings started Monday night. The National Weather Service stated that although the skies will be clear, an area stretching as far west as Wyoming and Idaho, all the way to the South and over the Midwest to the East, will be below freezing until at least Wednesday.

Temperatures will be anywhere from 15-25 degrees below normal, and as winds pick up the air feel will be even colder, CNN noted. Parts of the South will see the most shock, with temperatures in Atlanta, Georgia, expected to be lower than New York City on Tuesday.

“Tuesday night will be the coldest night … with all locations expected to be below freezing,” Nashville’s weather service told CNN. “Even Nashville metro should freeze.”

Tuesday night was anticipated to be the first frost of the season for much of the Central Plains, Middle Mississippi Valley and other parts of the U.S., but snow has already started to fall in parts of Illinois, according to NWS Chicago. (RELATED: More Extreme Weather To Hit East Coast)

Some 68 million people are expected to be impacted by the falling temperatures, NWS tweeted on Monday, along with a link to safety tips. The main recommendation was for drivers to update their winter survival kits to include a range of equipment, including blankets, pet supplies, water and other goods.