Pumpkin Patch Fire Engulfs Texas Family Farm In Flames, Destroys 73 Vehicles


Melanie Wilcox Contributor
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A fire torched the Robinson Family Farm pumpkin patch Saturday in Temple, Texas, engulfing the area in flames and reportedly destroying 73 vehicles in the process.

Video footage posted by KCEN News shows smoke engulfing the parking lot while some people rush towards the cars and others move in the opposite direction of the flames. (RELATED: Wisconsin Bonfire Explosion Reportedly Leaves Dozens Burned)

“We saw black smoke, and we’re like, something legit is on fire,” eyewitness Kat Cabana told WFAA. “You could hear glass exploding, what I assume was tires popping, exploding, people’s gas tanks exploding. The wind was taking the smoke and making it bigger and bigger,” she continued.

Firefighters put out the fire a few hours after it began, ABC13 reported, citing the Bell County Fire Marshal’s office. A discarded cigarette tossed onto the dry grass likely caused the fire, Bell County Fire Marshal Chris Mahlstedt told My San Antonio. No one was seriously hurt in the incident.

Bell County, where the fire occurred, has been under a burn ban since Sept. 27. The Robinson Family Farm closed Oct. 15 and 16, but is slated to reopen later in October.