New Video Shows OnlyFans Model Feared Her Husband Days Before She Allegedly Murdered Him


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Newly released police bodycam footage has emerged showing OnlyFans model Courtney Clenney frantically pleading with police to keep her away from her boyfriend Christian Obumseli and repeatedly asking for a restraining order just one day before she allegedly killed him.

The video from April 2, 2022 shows Clenney speaking to police in the lobby of her apartment building telling them she was scared of her boyfriend. Clenney cried and called her father while speaking to the police. “So I had a lot of opportunities to call y’all and I did not,” Clenney said, seemingly suggesting there has been trouble in her relationship before. “I’m a freaking victim and I’m scared,’ she said. Obumseli was found dead on April 3 from a stab wound, according to RollingStone.

Clenney was arrested for second degree murder and is claiming self defense, insisting Obumseli attacked her.

A building employee in the video, appears to back up her story, describing what transpired April 2. “Her boyfriend was charging towards her and we actually had to come in the middle of it,” the security guard said in the video.

He added he phoned police to protect the residents of the building.

“Hes been literally sleeping in my hallway without permission,” Clenney told police, revealing she didn’t want Obumseli there.

She admitted to hiding in her apartment for fear that Obumseli was stalking her. She told police she had kicked Obumseli out of her apartment but he refused to leave. The police officers at the scene told Clenney they were unable to help her and that she needed a restraining order if she felt threatened. (RELATED: New Video Footage Shows Gabby Petito With Brian Laundrie Just Before She Was Murdered)

“I stayed in my apartment all day I didn’t take my dogs out for like 8 hours because I was afraid when I would come down here he was goonna be down here,” Clenney said.

“I want a restraining order against Christian I’m serious, can I do that?” Clenney said.  “How can I make myself first cause I know him and he will do it,” she said.

Clenney is currently waiting to stand trial, according to TMZ.