Danny Masterson Paid $400,000 To Silence Rape Allegations, Accuser Testifies In Court

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A rape accuser in the trial against “That ’70s Show” star Danny Masterson claimed Wednesday that he had paid $400,000 for her silence.

The woman, who testified under the name “Jen B.,” claimed that she was offered a choice of signing a non-disclosure agreement and receiving  $400,000 from Masterson, or risk being ex-communicated from their shared faith in Scientology, the New York Post reported. Jen B. was the first of three accusers to take the stand in the case against Masterson, claiming Wednesday that he choked her while raping her until she thought she was “going to die,” the outlet noted.

Officials within the faith reportedly gave Jen B. the choice to sign the NDA and receive the subsequent payment or be expelled from Scientology, the NY Post continued. “My life would be over,” she told the court. “My parents would have to disconnect from me. … I had a daughter in school.”

When individuals are excommunicated from Scientology, they are labeled “suppressives” and can no longer have contact with their loved ones. “I wouldn’t be able to work with [my parents]. I wouldn’t know where to go. My parents would also be ‘labeled.’ Jen B. continued in her testimony. “Their company, the people who worked for them, family and friends and everyone they’ve known since 1972 … You have to choose your fate, and I didn’t know if they would choose me over that.”

The NDA reportedly included an agreement that Jen B. would not “damage” Masterson’s reputation and affect future earnings with $200,000 per violation, the NY Post continued. After being given the agreement, she was told she had until 6 p.m. the same day to sign it, she stated. (RELATED: Man Arrested For Rape Of Woman Found Dead 32 Years Ago, Prosecutor’s Office Says)

Masterson has denied all accusations against him and pleaded not-guilty to all charges against him. Hit attorney is set to cross-examine Jen B. on Thursday.