MSNBC’s Matthew Dowd Implies Republicans Are Like Nazis Because They Care About Inflation

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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MSNBC political analyst Matthew Dowd compared Republicans concerned about inflation to Adolf Hitler during a Wednesday appearance on “Deadline: White House.”

Host Nicolle Wallace began by contrasting voters who name the economy as their top priority with those whose biggest concern is the “health of democracy.”

Dowd then chimed in to liken Republicans who care about the economy to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. (RELATED: ‘I Dismissed That’: Pelosi Tries To Ignore Bad Poll Numbers For Democrats)

“I’ll also remind people of a history lesson that in the 1930s Germany, there was a candidate and there was a party that said they were going to do something about inflation. And they did something about inflation. Inflation went away but so did the democracy in Germany, in the 1930s up until 1945.”

The failed Democratic candidate then went on to claim that the media has failed to adequately convey the enormity of the threat Republicans pose to democracy.

“I think the media has a responsibility in this … there’s too much reporting on something voters are aware of and not on what voters are not aware of, which is the threat to democracy and then what that might mean,” Dowd said.

“What is the result of that?” he continued. “It’s not only, will the economy flourish? It’s, will you have any equity in economy? What happens when you lose democracy? The economy becomes the service of the tribe in power, of the people in power … and then you add on to that, you begin to lose freedoms when you lose a democracy.”

Despite Dowd’s insistence that caring about inflation is akin to being a Nazi, a Morning Consult/Politico poll found that 93% of registered voters say they are “concerned” with inflation while 71% say they are “very concerned.” The poll was conducted from Oct. 14-16 among 2,005 voters with an error margin of 2%. The poll also showed a majority of voters believe inflation is getting worse.

In a separate New York Times/Siena College poll, just 7% of voters named “the state of democracy” as the number one issue facing the country. A combined 45% named the economy, inflation or the cost of living. That poll surveyed 792 registered voters from Oct. 9-12 with an error margin of 4%.