Ron Klain Praises Mitch McConnell For Supporting Fight Against Russia


Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain praised Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on Thursday for supporting Ukraine in combating Russian aggression.

Klain said McConnell has been the one of the administration’s “strongest supporters” in voicing support for Ukraine and its fight against Russian President Vladimir Putin’s aggression, arguing that condemning the war should not be a partisan issue.

“We are planning to work with a Democratic House and a Democratic Senate next year, that’s our plan,” Klain said on “Morning Joe.” “I will also say that to date, fighting Russian aggression in Ukraine has had bipartisan support, and I want to specifically thank Senator Mitch McConnell for being one of our strongest supporters in tackling Russian aggression. This should not be a partisan issue, the Republican Party, historically, has stood for combating Russian aggression.”


Klain criticized House Republicans for expressing concern that providing aid to Ukraine will distract Congress from addressing domestic issues. (RELATED: McConnell Calls Out Republicans Who Opposed Ukraine Aid)

“So I don’t see why this should go the direction that [House] Leader [Kevin] McCarthy suggested. I don’t think that [Republican Georgia Rep.] Marjorie Taylor Greene should set the foreign policy of the Republican Party, I think that would be a mistake if that’s the way this goes. We are going to work with people in both parties to continue to make sure that this country does what it has done since the end of World War II, which is stand for freedom in the world, stand to combat Russian aggression in the world and help the people of Ukraine, specifically, fight off this invasion,” Klain argued.

McConnell openly praised the Biden administration in January for its response to addressing Russian aggression in Ukraine. At that time, the State Department put 8,500 troops on high alert for potential deployment to Eastern Europe and has since sent billions of dollars in aid to Ukraine.

“What I’ve been hearing since then is encouraging, that they’re prepared to take steps before an incursion, not afterwards,” McConnell said at the time. “It appears to me the administration is moving in the right direction.”

Republicans have remained divided on what the U.S. response should be to Ukraine. In May, eleven Senate Republicans voted to block advancing $40 billion in aid to Ukraine that provided $6 billion for Ukrainian intelligence, equipment and training, $4 billion for Ukrainian military financing, and $8.7 billion for the U.S. to restock weapons.

In the House, three Republicans—Montana Rep. Matt Rosendale, Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie, and Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar—voted against a resolution condemning Putin and stating U.S. solidarity with Ukraine.