Washington Woman Escapes Would-Be Grave After Being Stabbed, Bound, Buried Alive By Husband: Police

Photo by BRYAN R. SMITH/AFP via Getty Images

Taylor Giles Contributor
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A Washington woman managed to escape being buried alive by her estranged husband after he stabbed her in the chest and bound her hands, eyes, thighs and ankles with duct tape, according to police.

The Lacey Police Department first responded to Young An’s home Sunday afternoon, according to Fox News. The 911 dispatcher allegedly overheard “muffled screaming and sounds of a struggle” during the call.

Young An was able to dial 911 with her Apple watch after Chae An, her estranged husband, allegedly bound her hands behind her back, according to NBC News. The couple was reportedly gone when the police arrived at the home.

Young An’s husband drove her into the woods and threw a “heavy tree” over her during his attempt to bury her alive, Fox News reported. She managed to breathe in the shallow grave by moving her head around to keep the dirt away from her mouth, the according to NBC News. An was able to escape from the grave after the sun went down, at which point she ran for approximately half an hour until arriving at a house approximately seven miles away from her own home.

The homeowners called the police, and law enforcement eventually found Young An behind a shed early Monday morning, according to the outlet. The woman reportedly suffered from “extensive” bruising and had been stabbed in the chest multiple times. (RELATED: Florida Mother Tried To Fight For Her Life As Husband Fatally Stabbed Her Before Killing Self)

“When Young realized the deputy was law enforcement, she sprinted at them, screaming and crying for help,” Fox News reported, citing the probable cause statement. “She grabbed onto the deputy frantically and said, ‘My husband is trying to kill me. Help me.'”

Police described Young An as being in “extreme distress and a state of trauma” after they found her, according to a police report from the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office reviewed by the Daily Caller. The victim still had duct tape around her neck, lower face and ankles, but was able to tell police her husband was still in the woods.

Police found Chae An in his vehicle, according to the report. They believed he was “under the influence of narcotics as he was lethargic and not acting normal.”

Police located a “grave type” hole in the woods containing duct tape with Young An’s hair stuck to it, as well as her broken Apple watch, the police report continued.

Police charged Chae An with first-degree murder, first-degree domestic violence kidnapping and first-degree domestic violence assault, Fox News reported. Young An allegedly had a prior protective order against Chae An that had been rescinded.