Megyn Kelly Announces Her Sister Died Suddenly Of A Heart Attack

[Screenshot Youtube Megyn Kelly]

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Podcast host Megyn Kelly announced Monday that her sister passed away over the weekend suddenly.

“Something really sad happened in my family over the weekend,” Kelly said. “My sister died. She was 58. Her name was Suzanne Crossley, and she died Friday suddenly of a heart attack.”

Kelly said her sister “hasn’t been in very good health the past couple of years.”

“It’s just been sort of like one problem after another,” she continued. “So it was sudden and unexpected.”

Kelly said she was made aware of the tragedy Friday and immediately went home to see her mother Linda Kelly, as well as her siblings. The funeral is set for Tuesday.

“It was really hard,” she said. “It was extremely emotional.” (RELATED: Megyn Kelly Drops F-Bomb During Heated Fauci Rant)


“As all moms and dads out there know, this is not the order in which this is supposed to happen,” Kelly said, noting she planned to talk about her sister more during a later podcast episode this week.

Kelly said she’s not “very good” at sending a text or returning a call but her sister’s death served as a wake up call.

“So it’s a big reminder to me at how fleeting things can be and how we get upset over shit that doesn’t matter.”