Ohio School’s ‘Radicalism’ Class Includes Lesson On Homeless Encampments From Sex Worker


Chrissy Clark Education Reporter
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An Ohio high school class dedicated to exposing students to “radical” viewpoints hosted a sex worker to discuss homeless encampments, according to posts from the sex worker’s social media page.

Worthington Kilbourne High School hosted self-described “fat activist” and  “anarchist bimbo” Elizabeth Blackburn on Oct. 19 for a seniors-only elective course titled “U.S. Political Thought and Radicalism,” according to a post from Blackburn, who operated a second public Twitter account on which she frequently shared pornographic photos and videos of herself and other sex workers.

Blackburn made her porn account private after reports of her visit to the school began to circulate.

“I spoke to the Worthington Kilbourne Politics and Radicalism classes today, a presentation titled ‘Solidarity: the Case for Camp Shameless,'” Blackburn tweeted. “It was such an awesome experience, I can’t wait to read what the students write about it.”

Superintendent Trent Bowers provided the Daily Caller with an outline of the course and explained that, by design, the course exposes students to radical ideologies. (RELATED: Philadelphia Gender Clinic Trained Employees At School That Hides Students’ Gender Identities From Parents)

Bowers stated that a school principal was in the room at the time of the presentation and “there was nothing presented to students like is being presented in social media online.”

“Worthington Kilbourne recently had a speaker who focused on activism for the homeless population,” Bowers said. “That speaker’s social media is drawing attention and unfortunately people are not taking the time to understand that by nature the speakers in this elective-only class will be extreme.”

Elizabeth Blackburn did not respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment.