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Successful Business Woman Pays it Forward as Business Coach

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Amy Mikhaiel has built one of LA’s most elite, high-class, and trusted cleaning companies – from the ground up. And now, she’s on a mission to teach other women how to do the same.

The successful businesswoman started with humble beginnings in Algeria – the daughter of teacher parents. She was brought up on school grounds, her parents worked hard, and she helped take care of her siblings and the home.

These values have created the inspirational woman behind Amy’s Angels Cleaning™, as well as educational and motivational organizations, Mops to Millions™ (for English speaking) and Maghreb Business Billionaires™ (for Arab and French-speaking communities). And today, she has helped hundreds of women establish their cleaning businesses and employs over 200 women herself.

So, who is Amy Mikhaiel, and how did she become someone thousands of women look up to?

Growth From Modest Origins

Amy is from the North African country of Algeria. It is a unique part of the world that makes up part of the area known as the Maghreb. The Maghreb is the Arabic word for place of the setting sun. It is where Northwest Africa and the Arab world are one – it includes Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, and Mauritania.

Like many Maghrebians, Amy was raised in North Africa with Middle Eastern values. As the eldest of five, she took a lot of responsibility in the home, from helping tidy and clean to looking after her younger siblings. These were skills she carried with her when she immigrated to the United States in 2008.

Her journey into entrepreneurialism started in Beverly Hills. To make ends meet, she began cleaning homes while learning English. She might not have known anyone in the area, but she was equipped with ambition and an undying passion for organization and cleaning. From there, the company grew, and today, Amy has more than 200 women working for her, and she has helped countless others start and succeed in their cleaning businesses.

Determination Fuelled The Fire

She does this through her businesses Mops to Millions™ and Maghreb Business Billionaires™ – both of which offer courses in getting business operations set up the right way from the start, lessons in how to attract the right clientele, how to hire the right people, and instruction on how to deal with business challenges. Mops to Millions™ is for English-speaking women, while Maghreb Business Billionaires™ was specifically set up to help Maghrebian women and other immigrants get their start in the business world.

With her courses, Amy takes all of her experience and knowledge of building a successful business and shares it with other women looking to branch out while honoring their traditions. It’s about helping women develop and break through fear barriers to cultivate self-confidence and achieve their ambition.

Amy’s goal is to inspire confidence, offer mindset coaching, and help women gain the knowledge and authority to build a successful business. Her coaching programs help clients reach their financial goals.

The success she has built for herself and her family isn’t enough. She wants to pass that success on and spread the wealth by empowering women worldwide. She changed her life by starting a business, and now she wants to help women change theirs by empowering them with what they need to do the same.

“Because I’ve been through so much,” she says, “I’m the best person to talk to other women about it.

“I know the struggle to be an immigrant. I know the struggle to be broke. I know how they feel. But we need to stop being a victim. And that’s my goal. I found myself motivating, and women grabbed onto that energy. They need empowerment.

“It’s insane how much women need to be empowered by each other.”

And Amy Mikhaiel is just the woman to do that.

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