Search Party Finds Body Of Missing Indonesian Grandma Inside Python That Swallowed Her Whole: REPORT

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Devan Bugbee Contributor
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A search party found the remains of a 54-year-old grandma in the Indonesian province of Jambi on Monday inside the body of a python after she was allegedly swallowed whole.

The victim’s body was discovered after the husband assembled a search team of local villagers and led a two-day search after his wife, Jahrah, didn’t come home from work at a rubber plantation early Sunday morning, police told CNN Indonesia. Prior to the search, the husband had reportedly found sandals, a knife, a headscarf, and a jacket in the area, the outlet reported.

After an unsuccessful effort to locate Jahrah on the rubber plantation, the search crew gave up on the first day at around 2 a.m., CNN Indonesia noted. The next morning, the crew encountered a python, which they suspected had eaten the missing woman. The crew brought the snake back to the husband’s residence, sliced it open and found Jahrah’s body, according to the outlet. (RELATED: Girlfriend Of Murdered High School Football Star Reveals The Last Thing He Told Her After Getting Shot)

The 22-foot python likely bit Jarah before wrapping itself around her throat and choking her, the leader of the local Terjun Gajah village, Anto, told ViralPress, the New York Post reported. The snake then likely swallowed her whole in a two-hour-long process, Anto stated.

The incident has left locals paranoid about what other large snakes could be lurking in the woods, the outlet noted. The village had previously seen a 27-foot python that allegedly got away, Anto said, according to New York Post.