Florida Lt. Gov. Candidate Says Opponent’s ‘Latina Card Should Be Revoked’

Screenshot/Politico via DeSantisWarRoom

Taylor Giles Contributor
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Florida Lt. Gov. candidate Karla Hernandez claimed that her opponent’s “Latina card” should be revoked in a video shared Thursday.

In the video, Hernandez was speaking about Florida Lt. Gov. Jeanette Nunez’s support for sending illegal migrants from Florida to other parts of the country.

“Technically she’s considered a Latina, but I think that her Latina card should be revoked … As a Cuban American, saying that she was okay with putting Cubans on a bus and sending them to Delaware,” Hernandez said in the video. “She’s completely out of touch with her community.” (RELATED: DeSantis Sends Two Flights Of Illegal Migrants To Martha’s Vineyard)

Hernandez also added that President Joe Biden is “the compassionate president that came over here and saved us,” according to the video. “I like to think that I’m the only Latina running for this seat,” she added.

Nunez later tweeted a response to Hernandez’s comments.

“These are my parents at our inauguration in 2019. As the daughter of Cuban exiles, I proudly carry their legacy and no one can take that away from me,” Nunez said. “Hispanic by heritage, American by the grace of God.”

A Florida circuit court judge ruled on Oct. 25 that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has 20 days to provide the court with records regarding flights of illegal migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.

DeSantis’ campaign leads Democrat opponent Charlie Crist’s by 14 percentage points, according to a poll by the University of North Florida released Wednesday. (RELATED: Sparks Fly As Candidates Engage In Name-Calling During Governor Debate)

The DeSantis campaign did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment.